Fort McMurray Teeth Whitening

Fort McMurray Teeth WhiteningTired of dealing with dull or stained teeth? Have an upcoming wedding or birthday bash to attend to and need to ensure you’re at your best look. Stained or discolored teeth are very common among people of all ages. If you ask millions of people what they would like to further improve about their smile, most of their responses will likely be whiter teeth. Who wouldn’t, right? Especially these days where selfies and photo sharing are highly mainstream, you want to get involved and share your brightest, sweetest smile with anyone. Well, lucky for you, there are various teeth whitening treatments available for you from our Fort McMurray dentists to benefit from!

In-Office Teeth Whitening

If you want an easier and quicker way to whiten your teeth, you can always opt for in-office or in-chair whitening treatment. Our treatment only takes up an hour, so you will just sit back and relax while our professional Fort Mcmurray dentist takes care of everything. We provide custom trays that you can take home with you. Top-up trays can also be given to help keep your bright smile. Discuss the treatment with our dentist so you’ll have realistic expectations. A consultation is part of the session so that it could consume up to two hours of your time.

Internal Bleaching

The dentists apply a gel with very strong agents – usually contain fifteen to forty-three percent of hydrogen peroxide. Here, you can expect immediate results following a single 30-60 minutes treatment. Bleaching is only ideal for patients with some teeth discoloration because of infection or trauma. Those who need a root canal may also choose internal bleaching as well. The downfall here, though, is that the newly whitened teeth might not completely complement the surrounding teeth. But if you’re aiming for an aesthetically charming smile, then it could be your best pick. Fort McMurray Teeth Whitening Near Me

At-Home Teeth Whitening

While not as effective as an in-office treatment this is still an option for some. Want to do the treatment on your own with the prescription of a reliable dentist? Then, an at-home teeth whitening method might be right for you. To begin with, you still have to book an appointment with our dentist in Fort McMurray to make certain that your gums and teeth are healthy enough to perform a home whitening treatment. Then, you’ll be provided with custom-made trays along with a special bleach solution which you can use at home. Your teeth will grow brighter and brighter with every application. How long should you wear the trays regularly depends on what your dentist will recommend (e.g., patient’s teeth and the shade of white you are aiming for). Although, it can be anything up to 8 hours.

Ready To Smile With Confidence?

Whitening Teeth Fort McMurrayOur registered dentist professionals offer several teeth whitening options. You can be certain they are effective and safe. An initial consultation will be conducted to check that your gums and teeth are healthy and suitable for whitening treatments. You can opt for a certain procedure based upon your age, dental history, the treatment method, type of discoloration you have, and other important factors.

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