Fort McMurray Dental Crowns

Dental Crowns Fort McMurray Near MeIf you have a tooth that is severely damaged due to decay, has a large filling, or was broken, our Fort McMurray dentist may recommend you to get a dental crown. Dental crowns are a general dentistry procedure that help improve your teeth’s appearance and can hold a portion of your weakened or cracked tooth together.

While you can always opt for the traditional version of dental crowns, our dental clinic in Fort McMurray offers the most advanced technology and procedure for dental crowns. Our crowns are made from high quality dental materials that yield the similar qualities of healthy teeth. You rest assured that you will be enjoying your dental crowns for a longer time. Contact our dental office for more info about our crowns and other dental restoration procedures.

How Do Dental Crowns Work?

Before our Fort McMurray dentist  anchors or attaches the dental crown, they will first check the damaged, cracked, or weakened tooth that will need this restoration. Based on that, they will  determine the most suitable crown for your tooth.  The dentist will be preparing the tooth that will be receiving the crown. For the tooth impression, he/she  will then be using a dental alginate goop. After this, the patient will then be receiving and wearing his temporary crown while the permanent crown is being made. Once the final crown is made, the patient will then need to visit our Fort McMurray dental office to have the temporary crown placement.

Usually, this process takes two to three hours per appointment. The patient needs to schedule two appointments for this process – the first appointment is when the tooth is prepared for the dental crown, and he will be wearing the temporary crown. He or she will need to go back to our dental clinic in one or two weeks for the second appointment, in which the placement of the final dental crown will take place.Dental Crowns Fort McMurray

How does the temporary dental crown works? Same as what was stated above, you will be having this crown for one or two weeks while we are waiting for the final crown to be produced. As it is temporary, it is highly advised that you take care of it while the permanent one is being made. When it is time, the dentist will be removing the temporary and places the permanent crown. He will then be binding the tooth to the crown, applied the final polish and voila! The newly restored tooth is ready to be used.

Dental Crowns? Get the Best From Our Fort McMurray Dental Clinic

Fort McMurray General Dental CrownsTraditionally, it takes two appointments before the patient receives the final dental crown. This is true for most dental clinics but we, at our clinic, we can make the full restoration procedure in just one day! We understand the inconvenience of spending two to three hours to receive a temporary crown and then need to make another dental visit to get the final one.  Luckily, the modern era that we are in offers the advanced technology that makes it happen. With our expert team and advanced tools as well as equipment, we make it possible.

Call us now to learn more about our advanced technology and our friendly Fort Mc Murray dentist that will take care of you.