Fort McMurray Dental Fillings

Fort McMurray Dental FillingsToday, there is a need to protect your teeth from cavities. It is a must to brush your teeth  after every  meal. With this, it helps you to take care and have long-lasting teeth.

If you love to eat more and more every day yet, you must also consider that your teeth cannot withstand much the chew process. If you care for your teeth, just give your trust on our team.

We are dedicated professional dentists to remove decays and repair your tooth when you need it. Just contact us or visit our dental clinic at _____________.

We highly recommend you to visit our dental clinic once in a while to try our dental services that await you. This way, we can check and take care of your teeth.

Are you having a problem with cavities? Dental Fillings are the answer.

Our Team Provides Both Temporary and Indirect Fillings!

  • Temporary Filling

This one can be used under some factors:

o   If our team advises you to have more appointments. For instance, before the gold filling’s placement and certain procedures of filling like the indirect filling, especially those chosen composite materials.

o   It certainly follows a root canal.

o   To provide the nerve of the tooth to settle down when there is irritation of the pulp finally. Fort McMurray General Dental Fillings

o   It is mainly used to treat emergency treatment for toothache.

From its word – temporary – this one does not stay much last longer. This can usually wear out, fracture, or fall out within a month. So, there is a must to contact our dentists to change the temporary filling into a permanent one. But when you don’t do that, your teeth will lead to worse because of the infection and may cause you complications. Right away, our dentist will inform you of the right time to change your temporary filling.

  • Indirect Fillings

This one is similar to the tooth-colored or composite fillings, but they are done on our dental laboratory, and before it placed, you need to visit twice our dental clinic. This indirect filling is done completely to a tooth that is not much severely damage, and it just needs a crown.

On your very first visit, we will remove your old filling or decay. This is an impression that we need to be taken to record your original tooth’s shape that needs repair and also the teeth that surround it. Then the impression that we got will be brought on the dental laboratory, and we will make an indirect filling for it. While on your second visit, there is a need to remove your temporary filling finally, and carefully our dentist will check if the indirect restoration fits. Then when the indirect restoration fits perfectly then, we will cement it permanently on its place.

Our team offers 2 Types of Indirect Fillings

  1. Onlays

This one is quite more extensive than the second one – the inlays. Onlays cover many cusps. This is sometimes referred to as the partial crowns.

  1. Inlays

Dental Fillings Fort McMurray CostThis is quite similar to the fillings, yet the whole job of this lies within many cusps (bumps) on every tooth’s chewing surface.

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