Fort McMurray Inlays & Onlays

Inlay Onlay Procedure Fort McMurrayOur Fort McMurray dentists aim to give you the best smile that you deserve! We utilize the newest dental procedures and state of the art technology to assist you in obtaining your dental goals. An inlay and onlay are teeth restoration procedures and an alternative to dental crowns when the cavity is too large for a standard filling but too small for a crown. Popularly called indirect fillings, and provide a long lasting, well-fitting and stronger solution to the damaged or decayed tooth than a traditional filling. This cosmetic dental procedure provides superior esthetic as well as functional advantages to our clients/patients. 

Inlay and Onlay: The Best Option to Conventional Fillings

Conventional fillings are shaped and put into the mouth where Onlay’s and Onlay’s are fabricated and then bonded and fixed into the tooth. Inlays are attached to the middle of the tooth, while onlays include one or many points (cusps) of the tooth or cover the whole chewing area. With the use of state of the art technology, we can produce inlays and onlays to go with the shape and color of your tooth so that inlays or onlays feels and looks natural. Inlays and Onlays offer many perks compared to the typical and conventional fillings

Given than Inlays and Onlays need a traditional process in preparation, much of the fit and healthy teeth are preserved. Our Fort Mcmurray dentists can fit your new inlay or onlay to fit ideally as well as assist in maintaining your tooth and reinstating it. 

We make use of the latest technology so we can mill the inlay or onlay right at the comfort of our Fort McMurray dental clinic and go with the shape and color of your teeth perfectly. The new inlay or onlay will not discolor or stain, not like the conventional resin fillings. What’s more they will also not shrink over time like a typical filling can and keep your teeth safe and sound from more a harmful infection with the best and superior fit. Fort McMurray Inlay and Onlay Procedure

Each inlay or onlay is customized to fit the tooth perfectly, thus providing smooth, flawless edges that are comfortable as well as easy to clean. 

Inlays and Onlays are fixed, and permanent restorative solutions by our Fort McMurray dentists and can assist you in strengthened and bring back damaged teeth to look and function normally. Due to the minimal preparation is required, a lot of natural teeth is conserved and then make stronger.

Fitting The New Inlays or Onlays

During the first visit, our dentist will conduct an assessment of your tooth and will also take digital photos of the tooth as well as the nearby areas of the gums. He will discuss the color and the shape of the new inlay or onlay. Then he or she will prepare your tooth. With the use of CEREC Technology, our dentist is able is mill an inlay or onlay to fit right with your tooth shape, size and color.

Cosmetic Inlays Onlays Fort McMurrayWhen the inlay or onlay is ready, our dentist will place it on your teeth, attach it, and then even and make sure the edges are super smooth. Then you will have a beautiful looking Tooth / Smile once again looking inlay or onlay that will keep your tooth safe and bring back your gorgeous smile. Many times we can even do this procedure in one visit to our clinic.

For further info about our inlays or onlays treatment, please give our dental clinic a call. Our Fort McMurray dental clinic is aimed to give a wide selection of cosmetic procedures like dental implants, porcelain veneers, tooth-colored filling, and many others.