Fort McMurray Dental X-Rays

Fort McMurray Dental Xray CostAre you looking to have some dental procedures done such as a root canal, filling, crown etc? Or maybe you are looking to have Invisalign procedure? This dental procedure allows smiling confidently without the inconsistent color shades, wires, or brackets. Apart from that, it straightens your teeth without pain, irritation, or discomfort from tightening or braces.

Regardless of the dental procedure you have, you need to get a professional dental X-rays. Our licensed dentists will perform a dental X-ray procedure during the initial dental consultation.

The images will help our dentists to assess and diagnose particular areas after hearing your complaints. We also use these images as a follow-up procedure that is being performed after the treatment. That is to ensure that the conducted treatment is successful and delivered the expected results.

Who Should Undergo A Dental X-Ray?

Dental X-rays are for everyone. Even if you have excellent oral health. It is still best to have dental X-rays done to get the full picture of the tooth and gum. That is because it is part of our standard procedure in the dental consultation. The procedure is generally performed once a year. In the case that you are under dental treatment, or we are monitoring the progress of your condition, the procedure may be performed multiple times.Dental Xray Fort McMurray Near Me

Normal results of dental X-rays mean that you have excellent oral health, with no injuries, visible cavities, and any other underlying issues inside your mouth. However, if there are abnormal results, they may indicate that you need treatment or other dental attention for a variety of reasons.

Why We Take Dental X-Rays?

We use dental X-ray results for different purposes, including:

  • Find Tooth Decay and Cavities

Although decay is apparent on the tooth surface, it is still difficult to tell the extent of the problem. As dental X-rays reveal decay, it’s a lot easier to find which tooth has a cavity. The procedure helps us determine the amount of decay as well as how far into the teeth it has gone. Besides, this procedure helps us identify whether you need a simple filling or a root canal.

  • Reveal Bones Loss

Periodontal disease or severe gum disease may lead to deterioration of the jaw bone. Without the use of dental X-rays, it would be difficult for our Fort MacMurray dentists to determine whether or not your bone is deteriorating. Through our state-of-the-art digital X-rays, we can tell where most of the bone loss takes place. That way, we can help you treat it the right way.

  • Wisdom Teeth

Fort McMurray Dental XraysMany of our patients opt to remove their wisdom teeth in their early late tees or early 20’s. That is because they want to prevent them from causing dental problems down the road. With the help of our dental X-rays, we can easily check and assess the growth of your wisdom teeth and ensure that they grow correctly. We want to ensure that mouth has enough room where wisdom teeth can grow.

We only use X-rays that use the least amount of  radiation to ensure a safe procedure. So, do not hesitate to get dental X-rays in our Fort McMurray dental clinic. Contact Us today and schedule an appointment. We will handle all your dental care needs professionally with guaranteed satisfaction.